Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia recognizes and celebrates the contribution that Swimming Teachers have made to the industry and their communities with award levels. The award levels are classified into three categories as Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond. Applicants must hold and have purchased a current individual Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia Membership to be eligible for Recognition.


The highest level of recognition for our most committed and passionate teachers who have fulfilled Sapphire recognition, made a lifelong commitment to learn to swim and accomplished advanced level pre-requisites.


For those who have made a significant contribution to learn to swim, Sapphire teachers have demonstrated their impact on the lives of thousands of people, achieved a long-term association with the industry and fulfilled Emerald recognition.


Recognising participation and engagement with the learn to swim industry, Emerald teachers have demonstrated they have what it takes to impart their knowledge and expertise to enrich and inspire their community.

Once your application is approved your recognition level will be reflected on your membership card and you will receive a certificate to showcase your achievement

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Teacher Recognition Application