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Coaches and Swim Australia Teacher of Competitive Swimming may join or renew your Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia Membership at any time through Swim Central

Teachers may join or renew your Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia Membership through DITA

About Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia Membership

Your ongoing membership and involvement means so much to our association and your membership fee plays a critical role in helping us continue to grow and support you as a member.
The power of association is strong and through our strength in numbers, you are helping to support our advocacy, education, training and much more.
Being an Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia member has many advantages such as:

Connections & Resources
Build a network of rewarding professional relationships through our platforms like Swim Connect. This online community allows you to share ideas and develop partnerships for mutual benefit. Connect with others at all levels: local, regional, state, national and international. You also gain access to our vast digital library of videos, podcasts and PowerPoint presentations. There’s a huge array of written resource too: journal articles, research papers and back-issues of Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia newsletters and journals. We are also prolific users of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Professional Development
Stay at the top of your game. Take advantage of our ongoing programs focused on swimming techniques, training methods and the skills required to be successful. Be recognised and rewarded for your achievements.

We advocate for you. We’re the voice of swimming coaches, teachers and swim schools, reaching across Australia and around the globe. We’re building and maintaining recognition of swimming as an invaluable, essential life skill, as a component of health and fitness and as a competitive sport.

Our expertise, gathered over the past five decades has both depth and breadth. We listen, advise, guide and encourage you at every level and every stage of your career. We are with you in the good times and step up our support for you when things don’t go as planned.

Career Path
Secure the skills you need to take that next step. Join us as an entry-level teacher and open your pathway to becoming a presenter, or swim school business owner, pool manager perhaps, or even a national or international swimming team coach. Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia is with you the entire journey – guiding, educating, supporting.

Gain inspiration from our many webinars and Professional Development events such as SWIMCON. We’re always looking for and adding new, inventive tools and solutions to help you expand your skills and your credentials.

Benefit from wider experiences, greater information, deeper perspectives and added member benefits. Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia works closely with affiliated organisations like Swimming Australia, the International Federation of Swim Teacher Associations (IFSTA) and the World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA) to keep up with international trends and provide global leadership.

The Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia membership year runs from 1 July through to 30 June annually and membership needs to be renewed before June 30 each year. It is a requirement of Coaches accreditation to hold current Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia Membership. Holding Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia Membership for 3 consecutive years awards you with the 15 Professional Development points required to renew your Teaching qualification.

For a full overview of our membership types, benefits, inclusions and yearly fees please click here