Welcome to our dedicated resource to help coaches, teachers, clubs and swim schools create a swimming community which fosters equality and belonging for all genders. We are here to support our community to raise awareness and support for gender equality, and to celebrate progress!


Levelling the Deck is an initiative of Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia. Learn more about Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia’s Gender Equality Statement and Gender Equality Framework.



Spotlight On


Thank you so much to those who participated in our Levelling the Deck workshop “Realise gender equality and eradicate toxic behaviours”! We hope that you enjoyed your experience and gained valuable insights that you can apply on the pool deck right away. We are grateful to have heard from each of you, and are excited to integrate your values in to our Levelling the Deck strategy for gender equality. What did you think of the workshop? You are welcome to tell us what you loved, what you liked, and what we can do better by completing our brief (~3 minute) workshop survey!


Just Added


Sexism and Sport, a new iteration of the Respect Women: ‘Call it Out’ campaign – Sport brings communities together, gives us a sense of belonging, and it has the power to create change. Significant steps have been taken by many state and national sporting codes over the past decade to move towards equality. However, we know that sexism is still part of the sporting world – within teams and organisations, as well as in the stands, and in the homes of fans. Other forms of discrimination like racism, homophobia and ableism can also be found on and off the field. We all have an opportunity to use sport – playing, watching, and learning about it – to create a safer world for women and girls.

DV-alert training is offered by Lifeline Australia for free to frontline workers, such as swim coaches. Participants gain an understanding of domestic and family violence, and tools to recognise the signs, respond and refer. Topics & Resources provides further training and development options.


Coming Up

SWIMCON is on the 17th to the 20th September 2022 at the Gold Coast, Australia. Let us know what you want from Levelling the Deck at SWIMCON and share your views on gender equality and take our brief community survey.


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