Professional Development Points for Teacher Re-Accreditation

Swim Australia Teachers who wish to renew their teaching accreditation are required to accumulate – and provide evidence of having accumulated – 15 Professional Development points during their 3-year Accreditation cycle.

Professional Development points are awarded to Swim Teachers and Coaches who have undertaken an SCTA-approved elective activity* such as attending conferences, webinars and in-house training sessions or undertaken online/informal learning modules, home-studies or a course refresher.

Why do I require Professional Development (PD) Points?

It is a requirement that you continue to develop and improve your teaching capabilities during the 3 year validity of your Swim Teacher accreditation.  Undertaking approved PD activities through informal education and training opportunities ensures that your knowledge and skills remain relevant in our ever-evolving industry.

Need to earn Professional Development Points?

A comprehensive list of SCTA-approved PD activities can be found here


*Verification of PD activities may be completed by: (1) Program Organiser, (2) attaching appropriate documentation (i.e. certificate of attendance, enrolment receipt etc) or (3) sign-off by the relevant State or Territory Swimming Association.