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SWIM Australia™ invites you to complete the new training package for the SISSS00132 – Swimming and Water Safety Teacher (SWIM Australia™ Teacher). This replaced the previous module SISSS00112 that was superseded on 12 December 2023.

Gap Training is a way of formally recognising existing skills, knowledge, and experience for the new Swimming & Water Safety Teacher skillset. This is most applicable to those swim teachers who want to upgrade to the new skillset and/or meet the pre-requisite requirements for extension courses, such as B&T and LWD.


What is Gap Training and why is it beneficial?
Gap Training is a way of filling in the relevant gaps in knowledge, skills, and experiences. If you have current accreditation, we recommend you complete the new training package to bridge your knowledge. In addition, you will also receive 5 Professional Development (PD) points upon completion.

Is Gap Training compulsory?
It is not compulsory, however it’s a great opportunity to expand your knowledge. If you do complete Gap Training, you will be issued your Statement of Attainment with the 5 Professional Development (PD) points.

Can I just do the Gap Training as a standalone option?
Yes. You have the opportunity to purchase the Gap Training as a Professional Development (PD) product only and receive 5 PD points. You will then be issued the full SISSS00132 – Swimming and Water Safety Teacher – SWIM Australia™ Teacher Statement of Attainment with 5 new units of competency. Please note that this will not renew your accreditation.

How much does the Gap Training cost?
SWIM Australia™ Teacher Member – $20
Non-Member – $45

What are Professional Development points?
Professional Development Points for Teacher Re-Accreditation
SWIM Australia™ Teachers who wish to renew their teaching accreditation are required to accumulate – and provide evidence of having accumulated – 15 Professional Development points during their 3-year accreditation cycle. Professional Development points are awarded to Swim Teachers and Coaches who have undertaken a SWIM approved elective activity* such as attending conferences, webinars and in-house training sessions, or undertaken online/informal learning modules, home-studies, or a course refresher.

*Verification of PD activities may be completed by: (1) Program Organiser, (2) attaching appropriate documentation (i.e. certificate of attendance, enrolment receipt etc) or (3) sign-off by the relevant State or Territory Swimming Association.

Why do I require Professional Development (PD) Points?
It is a requirement that you continue to develop and improve your teaching capabilities during the 3-year validity of your SWIM Australia™ Teacher accreditation. Undertaking approved PD activities through informal education and training opportunities ensures that your knowledge and skills remain relevant in our ever-evolving industry.

Need to earn Professional Development Points? A comprehensive list of SWIM approved PD activities can be found here

Why do I have to renew my accreditation?
Every three years a SWIM Australia™ Teacher (SAT) or SAT specialist teacher is required to update their accreditation through a “skills and knowledge audit”. Accreditation renewal affirms your commitment to ongoing professional development, industry standards of practice, and behavioural guidelines.

Over a three-year period, all levels of Teaching are required to accumulate a minimum number of 100 practical teaching hours as well as 15 professional development points, which are earned by attending or participating in approved activities.

We encourage you to submit all accreditation renewal requirements before the expiry date so that you maintain the continuity of accreditation and remain insured if you hold a current policy.

On approval of your accreditation renewal application, you will receive an electronic copy of your updated certificate and your updated accreditation expiry date will be reflected on your Profile in our Membership database DITA, you will also receive for the life of your accreditation (3 years) SWIM Graduate Membership and COMPLIMENTARY Teacher Insurance.

Renewing Accreditation

Where can I access the new training package?
Upon payment, your profile on SWIMDECK (Dita) will be assigned the Online Theory Modules.
They will appear on your TO DO LIST on your SWIMDECK Profile.

How long does it take to complete the new units of competency?
Approximately 12 hours.

Who can I contact for support?
Please contact us – [email protected] or [email protected] or phone our office on 07 5494 6255