Coaching and Teaching Pay Rates


For the latest PAYG pay rates refer to the Fitness Industry Award MA000094. The Award rates listed are usually adjusted each year, so Employers and Employees are urged to regularly check the award for changes.

Casuals are paid a higher rate, (around 23% more than permanent part time or full time) as compensation for receiving fewer employment benefits.

Generally, contractors are paid at least a minimum of 30% more than the PAYG rates but are responsible for their own insurances, professional development, superannuation and other expenses, as well as holiday, sick pay, long service leave etc..

SCTA does not supply information or advice of a specific nature about individual employment or contract circumstances. Please refer to your accountant, legal advisor or employment specialist for specific advice regarding your circumstances. Swim Schools Australia members may utilise our specialist employer support advisor.  Employees should seek advice via Fair Work Australia..

It should be noted that some swim schools may operate under other awards such as council award rates, voluntary employment contracts and other pay scales.

Pay rates as at 29 June 2023